What Students say about Mike

Now I can really play drums!


 I have been studying with Mike for a few years. I could't even play a decent  roll and was having trouble moving around the set. Mike broke the process down layer by layer,but more importantly, he showed me a way to be able to solve future issues myself. His layering process, as he calls it, really works! His enthusiasm and patience in teaching me the drum set keeps me coming back for more. 

Mark Griffin

Learning how to be a drummer...again!

I have been a student of Mike Henry's since November 2006.  Although I already knew the basics, havi

I have been a student of Mike Henry's since November 2006.  Although I already knew the basics, having played drums from middle school through college (1966 to 1976), that 30-year absence required a lot of catching up.  More important than getting back up to speed on playing the drums, though, was learning how to be a drummer.  Mike brings to the lesson room five decades of experience as a professional drummer, so his teaching isn't just "this is how you play a rock beat."  It's also "this is how you function as the drummer in a rock band."  That is the biggest value to my music education that Mike brought to the table.  Whether you just want to be a hobbyist drummer (like me) or you have your eyes on a professional career in music (like Mike), this is the breadth and depth of education you need to move forward.

David Duerr

I can play charts and swing!


In June 2017, I wanted to improve my basic drum skills because I had the opportunity to play in two bands. I had had lessons 15 years ago, but I hadn’t been playing for a long time.

Mike was as very helpful in getting me back into drumming. We worked on specific songs I had questions about, but we also practiced basic stick and reading techniques.This lead me to also wanting to learn brushes. Now I am interested in jazz drumming. Mike is very experienced as a player and a teacher and he has taught me not only how to work through a drum chart, but also give me countless tips about the drummer’s role in a band setting.

Whether you are a beginning drummer or someone who has hopes of playing in a band soon, I highly recommend taking lessons from Mike Henry.

Doug Jantz