Embrace Your Passion

My passion for drums started with my Dad's record collection.  Growing up in Los Angles was a great place to get  involved in music.   Music was the heartbeat of the city and some of the best drummers in the world played there.  I had access to many of those drummers while they hung out at the drum shop of my teacher, Mel Zelnick.  Those drummers and musicians opened up a whole life time of passion for me.

Live the Drum

"The sound, the look and 

the feel of the drums

 inspire me."

Known for his musical drum set approach and great brush technique,

 Mike uses a comprehensive 

curriculum including hand development and rudiments on the drum set. Studying the old masters, as well as reading and using an extensive play along library. Mike also teaches from his own single- two surface layered exercise book.

Suggested  books:

Stick Control; Syncopation;

 The Art of Bop Drumming;

 The New Breed; Master Studies 

Mike is an  ASCAP Composer, 

Paiste Cymbal Endorser,

Regal Tip Drum Stick Artist 

and co-founder of 

The Houston Drum Company

Be Inspired by Everything

 I find inspiration 

all around me. 

Every gig, every recording session and most importantly every student I teach inspires me.   Playing is  one thing, but being able to teach what you know is something else .... something great.  

I love teaching because everyone, young and old, learns differently.  

My goal as a teacher 

is to teach my students to dig down, layer by layer,  in a relaxed  and

natural and musical  way.  

I believe we drummers should be well rounded musicians that create though our chosen instrument, the  Drums.


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